A list of projects I have worked on.


Samwise @ Etam

August 2023 - Present

API fallback.

NestJS API to act as a fallback in case the main backend goes down.


Logistik @ Etam

August 2023 - Present

Capacitor app to manage parcels.

Capacitor application built with Angular to request parcels or submit lost items.



August 2023 - Present

This portfolio and blog website.

Made with Astro, TailwindCSS and hosted on Vercel. Blog posts written in MDX.

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July 2023 - Present

Share text between multiple devices.

Lightweight web app to share text between multiple devices. Frontend in TypeScript, backend in Express, synchronization with WebSockets.

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Push Up Your Day

Push Up Your Day @ Etam

July 2023 - Present

Sales objectives.

Angular app for stores to view their sales objectives. Backend in NestJS to generate PDFs.


MyAdmin @ Etam

September 2022 - Present

Angular administration application.

Allows managing and configure in-house apps, store devices, accounts... Built with Angular and Capacitor for iOS and Android.

GitHub RSS

GitHub RSS

August 2022 - Present

Generate RSS feeds from GitHub trending.

Automatically create RSS feeds from GitHub trending repositories for all languages.

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i18n-manager @ Etam

August 2022 - Present

Rust CLI to manage i18n labels in Angular projects.

Allows finding unused labels and duplicates, and generate or extract labels from and to JSON, CSV and TSV.


e-Pari @ Etam

April 2022 - July 2022

Angular web app to view product information and ship products.

Shows information about products, ship items directly from warehouses and generate tracking link for social networks.


Forms @ Etam

November 2021 - Present

Dynamic forms written in Angular for internal use.

Builds dynamics surveys (like Google Forms) from a remote JSON configuration.


Tests @ Etam

July 2020 - January 2022

Puppeteer project controlled through a C# WPF GUI.

Tests internal hybrid apps through Puppeteer. Settings controlled through the GUI and custom test result reporting.



April 2020 - August 2023

An unofficial API for the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Built with Express.js, featuring a custom search engine for queries. Served over 3 000 000 requests per day with zero downtime over two years.

And many more...